Ben buys in his point and lay pullets (young hens) at 16 weeks of age They are a brown bird called H and N.

New hens settle in quickly in their new field at Loggerheads, ready for when they start to lay at around 22 weeks of age.

Their first eggs are small, but soon after they begin to lay medium size, to large and after a few months some X-Large!

Ben sells his hens off after 12-15months to a wide range of customers who want a few hens for the garden or larger numbers to people who sell a few eggs at the door etc. These hens will still lay, have a moult, rest and continue to lay for several more years.

The flock now consists of over 3000 hens who live a happy and stress free life. Each one hops out of their pop holes each morning and head off across the field and return to the hen house to lay eggs and eat corn.