Ben’s Eggs is a free range enterprise run by Ben Pimlott, from Loggerheads. It is a continuation of Ben’s interest in Poultry and Ducks.

Starting off with six Bantams when he was seven years old, then moving on to rare breed hens and ducks. He even dug out two ponds in the back garden at the farm for his Mandarin and Carolina ducks. There was always something hatching out as his hobby took over.

His first batch of Black Rock hens arrived at the family farm in September 1997, and sales of his eggs went so well that he invested in more hens and started to look for an outlet for his extra eggs.

Ben's Eggs - Free Range Eggs Shropshire

Following due inspection and measuring of the hen house, perches and nest boxes, the ministry of agriculture inspector gave him a packing station number and told him that he could trade as Ben’s Eggs, selling fresh free range eggs.